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oasys_rp's Journal

Oasys Panfandom Roleplay
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A Panfandom Survival Roleplay
Welcome to Oasys! Upon arriving, you may experience some slight disorientation, light-headedness and/or nausea. Please do not be alarmed this is perfectly normal for new guests.
A word of advice for new residents: do not attach yourself to any of the items located in your new room. In fact, this may not be your room an hour from now. All that you are as well as everything that you own; all that is, was and will be in your possession can and with most certainty, will be taken away without warning or notice. Oasys is ever changing and nothing is guaranteed.
What you will encounter throughout the duration of your stay at Oasys include, but are not limited to, sudden, violent thunderstorms, life-threatening situations and diseases, mental instability and conditions unsuitable for habitation. Nothing is as it seems. In addition to the previously stated, the Management will host random, weeklong events twice a month.
In your spare time, you may wander and explore the premises of Oasys, greet the other residents or interact with the Dolls found in various locations. They are distinguishable from residents by their lack of irises and pupils. Oasys is, in all actuality, built to blend smoothly and effortlessly with the flow of the Miami lifestyle to make residents more comfortable. Please keep in mind that there is no escape from Oasys. You may not leave. If you doubt it, you are most welcome to test the limits of our technology, though it will prove to be most futile and frustrating on your part.
For now, please try to relax.
You will need your strength. Trust me.
Thank you for your time and cooperation,
Ella and the Management.

This is a WIP roleplay. Feel free to reserve characters and submit applications, but we will not be opening until July 28, 2011