Applications are currently open!

Please note that while these applications are open, it may take a while for a mod to get to it. If you feel like we've skipped over you, feel free to send a note in.

At this moment, we are only accepting fandom characters.
Please don't edit the form, as it's this way for a reason.


One ) No godmodding. This has probably been posted on most roleplays, I’m sure, but seriously people, just don’t do it. Moving another person’s character or auto hitting is not allowed.

Two ) Please use correct grammar, and keep your verb tenses constant throughout your posts. Also, please don’t use too bright fonts. Once in a while is okay, but don’t use them all the time.

Three ) Please keep active! Post at least once a month, to your character’s journal or in the logs community. There will be an activity check once every two months, and it’s two strikes, then you’re out, so please make sure to keep to it. If your character’s journal is posted in the activity check and you’ve posted already in the last month, feel free to correct the mods on it! We all make mistakes sometimes. Also, if you plan on going on hiatus, please post it to the ooc community, so the mods can note it down for later.

Four ) OOC =/= IC. Please don’t bring drama with other characters into the roleplays. If you don’t want to roleplay with a certain someone, then just don’t do it. If someone’s causing problems with you, then contact the mods to take care of it.

Five ) While drama is needed for every good roleplay-- too much of it gets tiring, so keep it to a low level, please.

Six ) Keep IC as much as possible. While there are events that might shift your character, but that’s to be expected. If you have a problem with someone being OOC, then come talk to us.

Seven ) Only two characters per fandom per roleplayer, and only if they’re not that closely related. Playercest should be kept to a minimum, please.

Eight ) This RP is yaoi/yuri/het friendly-- but please keep anything over PG-13 under cuts or in friend locked journals.

Nine ) The character limit is currently four, although this is subject to change if we get enough roleplayers into the group.

Ten ) Please, if a character doesn’t have enough cannon information on them, wait for more to come out. We don’t want someone roleplaying a character-- only to discover later on the character is entirely different than that.

Eleven ) Most of all, have fun!

* Rules are subject to change, and more may possibly be added on as the community grows, so please be sure to check back here once in a while, to make sure you're following the new ones, too.